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Champ Martial Arts has implemented a new class structure for all students. We are now structuring the weekly courses by combining kicking, breaking, forms and sparring into each week and then providing class time on Fridays as a overall practice of the week's courses.
New class structure is as follows:

Monday & Tuesday: Basic hand and foot techniques, form and breaking techniques. LIne-up required.

Wednesday & Thursday: Sparring: 3 Step Sparring, Self-defense techniques, Free Sparring, and Olympic Sparring. Line-up required.

Note: There will be no full contact or head shots and these courses are designed to develop self defense techniques and self confidence.
Please bring forearm, shin & foot protectors and have gear on for lineup. Chest gear is not required for warm up purposes.

Friday & Saturday: General practice of all techniques

A.M.P (After School Program) members:

We are not responsible for lost or stolen gear. Please write your first and last name on all gear to avoid confusion or misplaced items and store everything in your bag upstairs. Note: Regular class members must take gear home after each class. Thank you!

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